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Sprint Strategy: A Quick Start Guide

Is there a straightforward binary options trading technique capable of delivering clear signals and high returns? Initially, it might sound like a concept from science fiction. Many traders firmly believe that achieving a consistent profit in the digital contracts market necessitates a complex, multi-component system involving various technical tools with intricate settings and calculations.

However, by the end of this article, you’ll discover that such a technique does indeed exist. The “Sprint” strategy offers a swift entry into the digital contracts industry, allowing individuals to find comfort and start generating stable profits without requiring in-depth knowledge of financial markets.

What sets this strategy apart is its reliance on two of the most popular indicators, commonly found in the arsenal of nearly any trading platform, including the Pocket Option terminal. This simplicity challenges the notion that effective trading strategies must be overly complex, offering a refreshing approach for those seeking a more straightforward yet profitable path in binary options trading.

How to set up for trading

The Sprint system has proven to be particularly effective on lower time frames, presenting a significant advantage in the binary options market. Long-term trading in digital contracts is relatively uncommon, as it tends to limit potential profits. As a result, it is advisable to set a time interval ranging from one to fifteen minutes on the price chart, with the example of choosing the M5 time interval where each bar or candle forms within five minutes.

When it comes to chart types, the Sprint strategy is versatile and functions well on various chart styles. However, Japanese candlesticks are recommended for their informativeness, making them the focal point for discussion.

In selecting assets, opting for those with high volatility is preferable. Stocks, currency pairs, or cryptocurrencies are excellent choices given their potential for dynamic price movements.

Finally, in implementing the Sprint system, two exponential moving averages (EMA) with periods of 10 and 21 are required, along with a Stochastic oscillator set at 5, 3, 3. These tools form the core components of the strategy, enabling traders to leverage the system effectively in pursuit of successful binary options trading on lower time frames.

How to trade with the Sprint

In this context, the role of moving averages diverges from serving as trend lines to signaling potential momentum. Typically, two moving averages are employed to gauge momentum, particularly indicated by their intersection.

To assess the potential of this momentum, Stochastic becomes a crucial tool. It is widely known that the most robust and enduring price movements tend to follow instances where the signal line of the oscillator exits the overbought (80-100) or oversold (0-20) zone.

For strategic binary options trading, the CALL contract is recommended for purchase under the conditions where EMA10 crosses EMA21 from the bottom to the top, accompanied by Stochastic exiting the 80-100 zone. This combination of moving averages and Stochastic oscillator readings provides a comprehensive approach to identifying promising entry points in the market.

The decision to buy a PUT option is pertinent when EMA10 crosses EMA21 from top to bottom, coupled with Stochastic exiting the 0-20 zone. This set of conditions provides a clear signal for traders aiming to capitalize on potential downward momentum in the market.

For the chosen M5 timeframe, it’s essential to set a expiration period of at least ten minutes.

The designation of the “Sprint” strategy is not arbitrary; it represents the optimal choice for individuals who are initiating their exploration of the digital options market. The strategy’s emphasis on shorter time frames aligns with the dynamic nature of the market, providing a practical and efficient approach for those in the early stages of familiarity with digital options trading.

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