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Strategy “Trio”

Binary options let the traders profit from price fluctuations in multiple global markets, but it’s important to understand the risks and rewards of these controversial and often-misunderstood financial instruments. Some traders prefer to trade on short or turbo contracts.

The benefits of turbo options are obvious: the highest profit in the shortest possible period. If you do turbo trading you can place many deals one session, which, if done correctly, can significantly increase your income. However, with all the above-mentioned advantages, short contracts have a significant disadvantage – you must trade on lower timeframes with extremely short expiry time. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of “market noise”, you need to have a well-tested strategy that allows you to conduct the most accurate analysis.

One thing that can be helpful in turbo trading is a reliable strategy like Trio strategy. A solid foundation of the strategy is built on three indicators generating a signal. You can find all technical tools for analysis and trading in the Pocket Option terminal.

Setting up for trading with Trio

Once again, we remind you that we are going into turbo trading mode, that is why all setting that are described below are based on this presumption.

First of all, the turbo trading is done on the shortest timeframes. In our case, on M1.

Secondly, the selected asset should be as highly volatile, otherwise it will be difficult to determine the direction of the market movement, which will seriously increase the risks. We recommend highly volatile currency pairs with USD or cryptocurrencies.

Thirdly, the expiration period must also be short. In our case, we will set the expiration time as 2 minutes.

You can choose any type of chart you like except for the linear one.

As for the indicators, you will need three well known tools: Alligator, Awesome Oscillator (AO) and RSI.

Select and activate all three Expert Advisors in the terminal menu and change them to the recommended settings.

  • Alligator line values are 13 (jaws), 5 (teeth) and 3 (lips);
  • AO periods: 5 and 34;
  • RSI: period 14 and level 50.

Congratulation! We are done with the settings and can go on to reading signals and trading.

How to trade with Trio strategy

One of the features of this strategy, which has been appreciated by many traders, is maximum clarity and no confusion. You will work with three indicators but you will receive signals in sequence.

For example, RSI will signal in advance that it is time to get ready to buy a contract. Then Alligator and Awesome Oscillator will indicate the place to enter the deal.

The CALL contract on the “Trio” strategy is bought after the RSI signal line is above the 50 level, and then wait for the rising bar on the AO to appear and for the lip line (green) to cross the teeth level (red) in the upward direction.

The PUT option is bought in the opposite situation: RSI is under the 50 level, AO is negative, lip and teeth crossing to the downside.

The timeframe is M1, and the expiry time is set to 2 minutes.  

Despite the apparent complexity, the “Trio” strategy has been chosen by thousands of traders working with binary options as their main trading system. Trading options can be less risky when you trade with strategy. Options are the most dependable form of hedge, and this also makes them safer than stocks.

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