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Short-term strategy on the Alligator and oscillators

The Alligator is a classic trend indicator which is included in the top 5 most popular tools for market analysis. It works well with the Awesome Oscillator, since its developer Bill Williams created it specifically for use with the Alligator and Fractals. In our case, the strategy is complemented by the most popular oscillator – the Relative Strength Index (RSI). The system is suitable for Pocket Option and allows you to trade 1-minute fixed contracts.

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A 5-minute impulse strategy

The market has high inertial oscillations. This allows traders to successfully make profits under conditions of delayed signals from technical analysis systems. The degree of inertia depends directly on the strength of the initial impulse. We will now look at a simple 5-minute strategy that uses an impulse indicator as an additional MACD signal filter.

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Fundamental Analysis

In online trading we should estimate short opportunities of the price movement and decide to trade online. Using the technical analysis we can see the signals showing a possible price direction after reaching any important levels – strength or indicator levels. But technical analysis does not guarantee a foreseen movement after the price has broken one of the levels. So the fundamental analysis helps us to understand where the price will move after reaching a key level.

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