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Easy and Confident Start Trading Strategy

Confident start is a dream of many beginner traders. They need a proper dose of confidence for an easy and sure start. If you want to excel in trading, you will have to fiercely battle against yourself, your fear, and the market. A constantly changing market is a minefield and a lack of confidence will significantly undermine your trading performance. So, where does real confidence come from? Reliable strategy, apparently. The longer you trade with patience and discipline, the more it will pay off. If you consistently trade day by day, strictly following your trading plan, you will soon develop positive trading habits, which one day will evolve into sound trading confidence.

What is an easy and confident start strategy for beginners? Does it even exist? Yes, you do not need an overcomplicated system consisting of several different technical tools to try your hand in binary options. After all, the strategy “Sure Start” fully fits the request and proves to be reliable. It is based on two popular indicators, which you can find in almost any terminal.

If you are member of the Pocket Option trading platform, you will find the tools in the wide selection of functional options for training and trading electronic contracts.

How to set up a trading area

It is good news that the Confident Start strategy works effectively on the lower timeframes. After all, binary options are not a long game. Many traders prefer turbo trading to make many deals in short timeframe.

It is recommended to set the time interval from a minute to 15 minutes on the chart. You can select any preferable tyle of chart, but Japanese candlesticks will work just fine.

The strategy works great for a highly volatile asset with clear and strong trends. It will save you from confusion of reading those annoying sideways. You can trade stocks, currency pairs or cryptocurrencies.

For the Confident Start Strategy you need two EMAs with the period 10 and 21 on the working area, as well as Stochastic with settings 5, 3, 3.

How to trade with the Confident Start Strategy

Experienced and new traders working in the financial markets longer than a day probably have guessed that we need the senior and junior EMAs for crossovers indicating the beginning of a particular trend.

Trading history shows that the strongest market impulse takes place is when the Stochastic signal line enters and stays in one of the “over” zones. That is why traders usually spot the market reversal when the Stochastic exit overbought or oversold exit.

The CALL contract should be bought when the lower EMA has crossed the higher EMA from bottom to top and the Stochastic has entered the 80-100 zone.

The PUT contract should be bought in the opposite situation, when the crossover occurs from top to bottom, and Stochastic has entered oversold.

The expiry time should be at least two timeframes. For example, if you trade on 5 minutes, the lifetime of the contract will be 10 minutes or more.

The strategy “Confident Start” got its name not by chance. It is the best option for those who are just getting to know the specifics of the digital options market.

However, considering the efficiency of this system, which reaches 80%, it can be used by traders with different background. Some experienced traders are tired of multi-component trading techniques and endless searches for additional signal confirmation. They also look for the Confident Start Trading Strategy.

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